Latest news about the situation in Sri Lanka. Covid casualties reduced to almost zero.

The economic situation is detrimendous and there is a shortage of everything like oil, diesel, gas, food.

Nothing can be imported anymore because there is no money. Because of the many loans of the government and the Covid-19 measures, which they have handled remarkably well by the way, all payments must be done in dollars which they do not have.
This results in 5-12 hour power cuts. Thanks to our solar panels, windmill and generators Hellabeem can continue. Petrol is still limited available. But buses and trucks can not drive, vegetables and foods can not be delivered etc.

25% inflation on food items. Big demonstrations as a result. The cabinet has resigned and parliament members leave the government. The president still refuses to resign.

For the common man poverty is on the brink.

Because the Euro rate goes up accordingly for Hellabeem Sri Lanka organisation these effects are limited. But our staff members of course do suffer.

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