Vacation at Hellabeem

Hellabeem has two lovely bungalows on our grounds where you can take your vacation. These bungalows are wheelchair accessible and are separated from the daily business at Hellabeem, so you have complete privacy surrounded by flowers and trees, where birds and monkeys are your neighbors.

One bungalow has air conditioning, the other has fans. Both bungalows have a sitting room that doubles as a bedroom, a bathroom with shower, a simple kitchen, and a large veranda overlooking the garden and rehabilitation pool. This holiday location is ideal for:

  • Parents who have a child with a disability
  • People with disabilities
  • Those seeking rest
  • People who want to finally write that book
  • Our donors and friends

Rates and conditions

  • Air-conditioned bungalow is €25 per day, including breakfast
  • Fan bungalow is €20 per day, including breakfast

For a longer stay, we can make a special price arrangement.

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