Mission, vision, goals


The vision of Hellabeem is to serve underprivileged and physically handicapped boys of all religions over a number of years on campus to prepare and groom them for an independent existence.


The mission of Hellabeem is to offer these young men care in three forms:
1) physical, 2) psychosocial, and 3) educational.

In Sri Lanka we are working on completing the mission:

  1. Improving the physical abilities of the boys through physical therapy, psychomotor therapy, hydrotherapy, massage, speech therapy, and yoga. We facilitating any operations that increase the mobility of the boys as well as the provision of wheelchairs and other mobility aids.
  2. Bettering the psychosocial capabilities of the boys by offering them a safe environment for several years. We work on their self-confidence, improve their self-esteem, develop their talents, and increase their social skills. We devote particular attention to enriching their experience through classes in drama, drawing and music, but also to sports and games.
  3. Providing universal primary education and vocational training to match the capabilities of the boys. They learn a trade and then start their own business or find a job. Hellabeem follows and helps them throughout their path.

The ambition at Hellabeem Foundation The Netherlands is to realize the continuity of Hellabeem Sri Lanka.


For more details, you can view the annual goals in Hellabeem Sri Lanka Strategy plan from 2015 to 2020 (PDF).

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