Psychomotor stage

Annually, Hellabeem provides four internships for psychomotor therapy. These internships are for a period of four months.

Psychomotor Therapy (PMT) is a form of treatment for people with psychosocial or psychological problems. The psychomotor therapist focuses on the issues pertaining to movement behavior, body language, physical tension, posture, body sensations and body experience.

Because psychomotor development is an integral part of both the general physical and mental development of a child, some therapists believe that psychomotor training also has beneficial effects on the development of other skills, such as language acquisition, social skills, abstract reasoning, math skills, et cetera.

Therefore Hellabeem attributes great value to this form of therapy, and interns are welcome.

Because all the youngsters get intense psychomotor therapy and physiotherapy every day, we always need a lot of interns!

We welcome interns of psychomotor therapy and physiotherapy. We also regularly offer different internships. Inquire about the possibilities with Helene Heijen by e-mail.

Below are some experiences of past psychomotor therapy trainees.

Nena Braber – Psychomotor Therapy Intern

What a great time on Hellabeem! I spent four months there on an internship for my education in psychomotor therapy. I found it exciting to start here, all these differences, and I never would have missed this. Hellabeem was a very nice learning environment for me where I could try out a lot and have learned a lot. Through this internship abroad, I’ve got a backpack filled with life experiences and memories to take home. Memories of a beautiful Hellabeem family, all the staff and young men, and all that we have lived to see with the Hellabeem family. I hope that many students follow me in this great adventure. Jan and Helene, thank you very much for the nice time here at Hellabeem in Sri Lanka!

Tirza (2014) – Psychomotor and Movement Therapy

What a nice time I had here at Hellabeem! I enjoyed the contact with the young men, the willpower they have and the motivation to learn. It is so beautiful to see how much you can learn in four months and can see how things move forward. Just take the boy who at first was limited to his wheelchair and now can walk with a crutch. The Hellabeem family is a real family; you feel at home and are in a safe place. The boys interact with each other as brothers and help each other where it’s needed. It was a very instructive period in which I can develop myself as psychomotor therapist. Everyone on Hellabeem thanks for everything!

Teske Carter – Psychomotor and Movement Therapy

I spent five wonderful months on Sri Lanka, from February to June 5. Four of those months were spent having a lot of fun during an internship at Hellabeem for my education in psychomotor therapy. Laurette Buitenhuis and I offered sports and therapy activities for the young men at Hellabeem. We did this in cooperation with the assistant physiotherapist Sameera. The cooperation and the therapy we gave went very well and was very fun to do! I enjoyed dealing with everyone at Hellabeem and felt completely at home there. I gained a lot of respect for John and Helene setting up this project, and see how much benefit and pleasure their boys have. Hellabeem is like a big family and I’m glad I could have a long time there. It was an experience I will never forget.

Monique Engelage – Psychomotor Therapy Intern

For my training in psychomotor therapy, I went for four months to Sri Lanka. I had the privilege to come in contact with this project and I work with these beauties. Along with my co-intern Elian, we tried to give the guys so much physical as well as mental work. We worked intensively, together with physiotherapist Sameera. We made good progress. I have learned a lot here, both as a student but also as a human being. Because of the young men at Hellabeem, I started to realize even more that you can enjoy the little things that you can be happy with who you are. What is obvious to many, is often not applicable here. From the first moment I’ve felt at home at Hellabeem and I’m grateful to everybody here for this beautiful period. I have many beautiful and warm memories I will never forget. Jan and Helene do their work incredibly well and do a lot of work for these guys. Hopefully they can continue to do so for a long time. Because of them, these young men of Hellabeem have a better future!
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