Since opening in 2007, Hellabeem proudly reports:

  • An average of 30 young people per year living at Hellabeem.
  • Staying with us an average of 2.5 to five years
  • “Graduates” an average of eight young people per year
  • Young men opening a store or finding a job

We justify our activities in the annual report and in financial statements. The annual report describes how the Foundation in The Netherlands organizes its activities, publishes, and maintain its affiliates. For more information, please refer to the Annual Report and Financial Statements 2022 (PDF in Dutch).



Annual Activity Report 2023


Annual Activity Report 2022 See what happened in 2022 at Hellabeem
Presentation about what our students have achieved after 15 years
Facts and Results 15 years Hellabeem Sri Lanka


Annual Activity Report 2021 (Picture presentation: See what happened in 2021 at Hellabeem)
AuditedAccounts2021 HB Sri Lanka

Annual Activity Report 2020 (illustrated PDF in English)

Annual Activity report 2019 (illustrated PDF in English)
AuditedAccounts2019HBSL (PDF in English)

Annual Activity report 2018 (illustrated PDF in English)
AuditedAccounts2018HBSL (PDF in English)

Annual Activity Report 2017 (illustrated PDF in English)
AuditorsReport2017HellabeemSriLanka (PDF in English)

Annual Activity Report 2016 (illustrated PDF in English)

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