In The Netherlands

You can also help Hellabeem by offering your expertise. Or through ‘Friends in Action”, you can help raise money for Hellabeem. All support is welcome.

Your expertise

If you are a fundraiser or have extensive experience in communications and public relations, then your help is truly welcome. Hellabeem can use knowledge in the field of social media. Interested? Please contact our president by email.


In Dutch, VIA U stands for Vrienden in Actie, which translates to Friends In Action. Besides giving donations, you can raise money for Hellabeem in many other ways. For example you can turn to organize something that generates funds. It’s fun to do and also brings good results.

Some suggestions to consider include:

  • giving a birthday party and for gifts, ask your guests to donate to Hellabeem
  • A charity dinner at home
  • A neighbourhood BBQ with proceeds donated to Hellabeem
  • A car or bike rally with colleagues or friends
  • Make marmalade or jam to sell
  • A charity drive at your children’s or grandchildren’s school
  • Organise a wine tasting
  • Make jewelry for sale

The board enjoys developing the activities alongside your efforts and ideas in order to make the operation a success. Tell us about your ideas and actions by email

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