Our process

Hellabeem stimulates the power of young people to overcome their disabilities and coexist in their world. Core activities are rehabilitation, psychosocial support, education and sport. In addition, we incorporate their family and the local community in our efforts.

More information about Hellabeem’s core activities:


Hellabeem gives physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and psychomotor therapy. Hellabeem provides resources such as wheelchairs, prosthetics and walkers. We also help children and young people from the neighbourhood.

Psychosocial support

Psychosocial support is aimed at developing self-confidence, self-esteem and self-reliance. We incorporate many areas to do this, including agricultural technology and creative subjects.


We offer general education, tailored to the age and level of young people. Some have never or hardly been to school. In addition, they receive vocational training to suit their individual capabilities to prepare them for working life. That includes practical lessons in electronics, computers, (graphic) drawing, and computer and phone repair.

For disabled children from the neighbourhood – especially girls – Hellabeem offers physiotherapy and basic computer training. Girls and women can receive training in food preparation, sewing courses and computer classes.


Diverse types of sport train the body of the young people for strength and for relaxation. Sport also promotes teamwork, and we make it a lot of fun!

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