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As a patron of the Hellabeem Foundation, you contribute to our long term goals coming to fruition. Realising those goals and maintaining the foundation relies on regular income from patrons. You determine the monthly amount and the particular area of our work you wish to sponsor with your patronage. Give your details in the form below and indicate your preference. We are very grateful for your support.

You can sponsor the following Hellabeem activities:

activiteiten-onderwijsGeneral education
Our young students receive general education that is tailored to their level. English, maths, and basic computer skills are important in order to function independently in society. Normally these young people have no access to education. Without these skills, they cannot find or hold a proper job.
onderwijsVocational education
We offer professional education that suits their age and each individual’s abilities. We have workshops for various professional areas. For example, learning to repair electronic devices gives a student a foundation on which to build on a skill, earn income, and have an independent life.
activiteiten_levenA full plate at Hellabeem
Would you like to help feed our students? We all have to eat, and we feed everyone at Hellabeem three times a day, sometimes for as many as 60 people. The cost of food is €1 per person per day.
activiteiten_zorgMedical care
Young people have the individual care they need, especially for those with physical challenges. This includes physical therapy, psychomotor therapy, and hydrotherapy. The range of medical care also means for some the fitting of mobility aids and wheelchairs, assistance or adjustments at home, and arranging crucial operations.
activiteiten_terreinMaintenance of grounds and buildings
If our property on the southern shores of Sri Lanka is not well-maintained, then it becomes a jungle. Maintenance of our cinnamon plantation and coconut palm plantation is provided by three gardeners and two temporary employees. Some young people have a work-study placement here.
activiteiten_sportSport, culture, and recreation
Sport, recreation and cultural activities we provide create team spirit, solidarity, and self-confidence. What’s more, these feelings of safety and security are essential for building an independent life.
activiteiten_transportTransport costs
We drive a fair amount to doctors, dentists, and hospitals. We also reimburse travel expenses to and from home if our participants cannot pay themselves. And of course we have grocery shopping and errands to run by car.

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