Periodic gifting

Gifting is not always tax deductible

An ordinary gift is only tax deductible if it meets certain conditions. The amount of your donation must for example be at least 1% of your threshold income. Periodic gift-giving is attractive when you want to donate annually, but not as much.

Periodic donations are completely tax deductible

When you support us with a fixed amount for five or more years, this donation is recorded in a private deed. This ensures the entire gift amount is deductible annually. In this way, you give us security for the future, and you will also benefit from maximum tax benefit. The amount returned to you depends on the tax bracket in which you fall.

How can I donate regularly?

It is very easy to set up a regular donation to Hellabeem.

  1. Download the Contract for a periodic donation (in Dutch) and (optionally) the Payment Authorization (in Dutch). Print two copies, and fill in both in duplicate, remembering place your signature on each copy.
  2. Send the forms along with a copy of your valid ID (and your partner if applicable) to the Treasurer: attention Stichting Hellabeem
    PostBus 396
    1250 AJ Laren,
    The Netherlands.
    You can also send digital copies by email.
  3. Foundation Hellabeem fills out its portion of the forms, signs them, and sends one copy back to you.
  4. This allows you to deduct the full amount of the donation in your tax return. The amount of the annual donation should be in our account before 31 December of each year.

Do you have questions about periodic donations? Send us an email.

Until 1 January 2014, a regular donation had to always be arranged by a notary to receive a tax deduction. That is no longer necessary, so this saves you any notary costs!

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